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With this Warranty HPI grant for a period of 12 month, that the products at the time of purchase has no material or production defects. In case the product becomes defect during the warranty period due to material or production defects. HPI changes such parts by taking over work and material costs at our own discretions and according to the following conditions. HPI can replace defective products or parts by new or as new ones. The replaced products or parts become the property of HPI.

The warranty does not cover:

1. Regular maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear.

2. Consumables, (components that are expected to be replaced regularly during product life.

3. Damage or defects caused by use, operation or treatment of the product that aren’t in accordance with normal use.

Damage or alteration to the product caused by:

4. Improper use.

5. Damage resulting from use of the product for a purpose other than its intended purpose or failure to follow our operating and installation instructions.

6. Damage due to failure to observe the care and maintenance instructions during maintenance and care of the product.

7. Installation or use of the product in violation of applicable technical standards or safety regulations in the country where the product is installed or used.

8. Damage by viruses or use of software not included or improperly installed.

9. Damage resulting from use of the product with systems or equipment other than HPI products that are not designed for use with this product.

10.Use of the product with accessories, peripherals and / or components of other types, standards or conditions other than those approved by HPI.

11.Repairs or repair attempts by other than HPI staff or people authorized by HPI.

Adjustments or changes without the prior written consent of HPI, including

  • Upgrades of the product beyond the specifications or features described in the user guide.
  • Modifications of the product to conform to national or local technical standards or safety standards in countries for which the product wasn’t expressly intended and manufactured.

12. Negligence.

13. Accidents, fire, liquids, chemicals, other substances, flooding, shocks, excessive heat, insufficient ventilation, voltage fluctuations, excessive or improper supply or mains voltage, radiation, electrostatic discharge such as lightning, external force and shock.

This warranty covers only the hardware components of the product. It doesn’t extend to software (whether HPI or third party). The warranty doesn’t cover any kind of consequential damages e.g. lost profits or loss resulting from unavailability of the product.

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